Statutory Health Insurance

Health insurance is mandatory when living in Germany and enrolling at a university or starting a vocational training program. To meet the requirement for continuous insurance set by the Embassy when applying for a German visa, it's recommended to have a combination of statutory health insurance and travel health insurance. You will need the travel health insurance to get your visa, and a statutory or private health insurance is mandatory to stay in Germany.
Statutory health insurance covers essential medical services such as doctor visits, hospitalization, and prescription medication. Enjoying cashless medical exams and treatments with your health insurance card.
Statutory health insurance is only for the following groups:
  • University students (statutory or private health insurance is needed to get accepted)
  • Vocational trainees
  • Employees
If you are a university student over the age of 30, a language student, a Studienkolleg student or have a conditional admission letter, please take out a Private Health Insurance instead.

What sets EDUBAO apart

Customized insurance solutions tailored to your needs
24/7 customer service in your mother tongue
E-notification (M10) & member confirmation for university enrollment & visa application
Statutory health insurance application without a German address

Highlights of DAK-Gesundheit

Recommended for Vocational Trainees
HPV vaccination:Women and men can be vaccinated from their 18th birthday up to and including the age of 26. It's really important for young people.HPV vaccination
The DAK will pay you back up to 60 € a year for your professional dental cleaning as an extra benefit.60 € pay back for dental cleaning
Optional tariffs and bonus programs: Enjoy cash bonuses and subsidies for services.Optional tariffs and bonus programs
DFSI Ratings 2021-2022


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Highlights of AOK-Die Gesundheitskasse

Over 120 AOK branches throughout Germany - both in your city and also at your campus.Over 120 AOK branches
AOK also offers international students a wide range of programs to support your studies abroad.Wide range of programmes
AOK offers a variety of bonus or cashback programs.Cashback programs
Young Brand Awards Germany 2022-2023


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How much is the monthly contributions for the statutory health insurance?

Are doctor appointments really free?

How quickly do I get my insurance confirmation?

The final price will be sent to your email by the insurance company after completing the booking.