What is Uni-assist?

Located in Geneststraße 5, 10829 Berlin, uni-assist e.V is an association which provides service of processing and evaluating documents for international students applying to its university members.

It was founded in 2003 through the cooperation of 41 German universities and initially financed by DAAD – Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (German Academic Exchange Service). Nowadays, there are nearly 180 university members. You can search for its members directly on the website www.uni-assist.de or else, your university’s website would also tell on its website if it is a member of uni-assist or not.

Generally, uni-assist works as a central point of contact between students and their university members. Hence, instead of dealing directly with universities, you would work out with Uni-assist for gaining admission to its university members.

Uni-assist core responsibility is to evaluate foreign school-leaving certificates and determining their equivalence to German educational standards. Its services also include processing individual entry requirements of the target universities. To specify, uni-assist does below works:

  • Evaluate if your educational certificates meet general requirements for university studies in Germany.
  • Convert applicant’s transcripts to the German grading system
  • Check additional admission criteria set by the university members
  • Providing university choices for students, depending on the procedure.
  • Register all data and documents necessary for the universities’ admission procedures.
  • Inform the applicant about the evaluation result.

The advantage of using uni-assist is that applicants need to submit each document only once, even if they wish to apply to multiple universities.

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What is the deadline to apply for uni-assist?

The deadlines will vary depending on universities, which could be easily checked on their websites. Normally, it would fall in 2 following points of time:

  • Courses starting in the winter semester: deadline on 15 July
  • Courses starting in the summer semester: deadline on 15 January Some universities set earlier deadlines for specific courses, such as for master’s courses or the Studienkolleg (preparatory course).

You can start your application once the university activates its application on the uni-assist online portal. It is highly recommended that you should send the documents to uni-assist and pay the application fee at least 8 weeks prior to the deadline so that they could inform you if any missing papers.

The application fee at uni-assist

The handling fee by uni-assist for the first course is €75 with €30 for each additional course. These fees cover registration, processing, and evaluation of your documents and educational certificates, irrespective of the results of this procedure. If you re-apply for a new semester, it would be calculated as your first time application (€75 for the first course and €30 for each additional course).

Uni-assist offers you 2 payment methods: by credit card or bank transfer. The handling fee must be paid by the time you submit your materials so that your application could be processed.

You can also receive a refund or credit from uni-assist for the following cases:

  • You pay more than the needed amount
  • You pay for the processing of an application that is free of charge for you.
  • You withdraw your application before Uni-assist processes it.
  • Uni-assist have determined in processing that they are not responsible for the application


What happens after you sent your application?

If you send your application by post, Uni-assist will send you confirmation by email upon receipt. Afterward, the processing time would vary depending on your country of origin:

  • Central and Eastern Europe: approximately 5 weeks
  • Asia, North America, and Oceania: approximately 5 weeks
  • Western Europe, Turkey, and Latin America: approximately 7 weeks
  • Africa, the Middle East, and Iran: approximately 5 weeks

This processing time might take longer for some individual cases. If you are interessted in how the application process looks like via uni-assist, don´t miss another EDUBAO article: