How to use the Internet in Germany

You can register for mobile internet service by using a SIM card or surf stick. Signing up for a flat-rate package or a prepaid plan will do you good.

On the other hand, you can also use the Internet in public places. Most universities provide free Internet access on campus. Your personal login information will be sent to you once the enrollment is complete. At some universities, you will need to go to the computer room of the universities to change the password of your own internet university access. Besides, you can also visit several Internet cafés in town. They are not free, of course, but also not expensive at all.


Internet setup in Germany

You will need a landline, which you should research a little bit before deciding to buy one. There are many price comparison sites that you can check out to get the best deals on the market.

The process of Internet installment is quite similar in Germany. Firstly, choose the Internet provider and register on their website. After signing the contract, you will receive your contract confirmation and the modem. A technician will come over to set up the internet for you. Remember to fill in your accurate address in the contract and make sure you are available for at least 2 hours on the set-up appointment day.

You usually need to pay for the wifi router and other equipment provided along with an installment fee at once. The total setup costs vary depending on your internet providers. You also pay the fees for “processing your contract” to finally validate your contract with a German internet provider. Therefore, check your favorite providers to compare their costs and benefits before making the final decision.

Types of Internet in Germany

There are two kinds of Internet in Germany: Cable Internet and DSL Internet.

  • Cable Internet is installed quickly. But you have to check carefully which provider is available in your place because each one only covers a certain area. In other words, your options are quite limited as the provider you want may not be available where you live.
  • The process of DSL Internet takes more time but it offers a greater availability, which means you can have more options.


Questions you should ask before signing your Internet contract

Before deciding to sign an Internet contract, you should ask carefully the issues relating to it.

  • Questions about the terms and conditions of the contract. For example, you should ask the provider the duration and cancellation of the contract such as how long it will last, whether you can cancel at any time, which situation the cancellation is possible, whether the router belongs to students or you have to give it back (if you have to give it back, you have to keep the receipt), etc.
  • Questions about the installment costs. For example, how much it can cost for your total setup, how long the price in the advertisement will last, etc.

You can also ask in advance for several packages to compare their prices and advantages. There can be some equipment along with the telephone you don’t need. This will help you save money.

All in all, the Internet system in Germany is very good compared to other countries, although it may take some time to install. If you would like to learn more about Germany, we provide many other interesting and useful articles. Just feel free to check!