The financial proof (Finanzierungsnachweis) is one of the essential documents to apply for a student visa and a study residence permit in Germany. The remaining other required documents are also listed in other EDUBAO articles. Don´t forget to check them out:


Here are five ways by which you can obtain financial proof to apply for a visa below.

Do all international students have to submit financial proof?

International students from a non-EU or a non-EEA country have to provide proof of financial funds to demonstrate that you can support your studies in Germany. You can check whether you need financial proof following our detailed information below:

  • If you are a citizen of EU Countries (including Norway, Switzerland, Iceland, and Liechtenstein), you DO NOT need to provide financial proof

  • If you are a citizen of Non-EU Countries that require a visa to come to Germany, you MUST provide economic evidence to apply for a student visa.

  • If you live in one of these countries: Australia, Honduras, Israel, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, South Korea, or the USA, you MUST provide financial proof to apply for a residence permit.

In general, the German Federal Student Loan Program (BAföG = Bundesausbildungsförderungsgesetz) requires an international student to have at least €8,640/year (€720/month) to be able to cover all living expenses in Germany. Starting from 01 January 2020 financial proof to study in Germany would be €10,236/year (€853/month). The increased amount applies to all visa applications submitted from 1 September 2019.


Five methods to proof financial resources to apply for a student visa in Germany

Based on where each student comes from, and their circumstances at the time of applying for a visa, the steps of acquiring financial proof and the required documentation can be different. However, the following are five methods to make financial proof in Germany:

  • Opening a German blocked account and depositing a security payment
  • submitting your parents’ or guardians’ documents for proof of annual income and financial assets.
  • If you have been awarded a scholarship from a recognized German provider, you can present the scholarship award document.
  • Proving that there is a person with permanent residency in Germany that can fund your education and life in Germany.
  • Presenting a bank guarantee

Opening a German blocked account

Definition of a blocked account

Even though there are many other ways to show one’s financial condition, the majority of international students choose a blocked account (Sperrkonto in German) as their means of proving that they can pay for all living costs during their times in German. As a personal account, it allows holders to withdraw monthly a certain amount of money.

Under no circumstances is the blocked account closed without its beneficiary's approval. They can be the oversea mission or the competent foreigner authority after you land hat Germany.

Consequently, a blocking notice doesn’t make the money withdrawal from the blocked account possible. It only aims to make sure there are always enough funds to pay for living expenses.

The minimum deposit of a blocked account

Starting from 01 January 2020 financial proof to study in Germany would be €10,236/year (€853/month). The increased amount applies to all visa applications submitted from 1 September 2019. Before that, the minimum amount of one’s deposit is €8,640/year (€720/month). With the hope of increasing the chances to get their visas approved, many students allocate more than the minimum amount in their accounts. International students can choose to open a blocked account at one of the following banks:

Deutsche Bank:

Registration forms to open an account at the Deutsche Bank are available in both Germany and English. Your completed forms need certification by the Embassy or Consulate, and such agencies will forward them to the bank in Germany. Other compulsory documents include our valid passport, verification of fund source, a copy of the admission letter, and a prepaid envelope provided by a private party namely FedEx, DHL, or the US. All of them need sending to the following address:

Deutsche Bank Privat- und Firmenkundenbank AG Alter Wall 53 20457 Hamburg, Germany

Opening a blocked account at Deutsche Bank costs you about €150. It covers the set-up fee and account extension if necessary while serving as a proof to the German Embassy abroad and the immigration office at your whereabouts in Germany.


For more information about "blocked account" (Sperrkonto), please check another EDUBAO article


Parental income documents

If your parent(s) or guardian(s) make enough money to cater to you during your study in Germany, you can show the German government that you have adequate financial support by submitting their income documents.

In general, when applying for a German student visa, you will need to provide a bank statement of your parents’ salary for at least three months from the time of your application. Furthermore, to make sure that your parents’ income comes from legal sources, the German Embassy may request to see a copy of their employment contracts.

Another way is to submit the commitment declaration of a person with adequate income, pay security into a blocked account, or make annual deposits as means of guarantee in a German bank.

Scholarship award documents

It’s also acceptable to present proof of a scholarship from public funds or an authorized organization in Germany. The German Embassy will only accept the scholarship as a proof of financial support if you can present documents showing that you have won an award from a recognized body in your country. The amount and length of financial support need elaborating on the papers.

If this is your means of authenticating your financial resource, we suggest that you should consult the German Embassy to prepare essential documents to add to your visa application.

Following are some scholarship providers for your reference: German Academic Exchange Service, German Research Foundation, Social Service Agency of the Protestant Church, Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Friedrich Naumann Foundation, Hanns Seidel Foundation, Heinrich Böll Foundation, Catholic Academic Exchange Service, Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Rosa Luxemburg Foundation, Federal Representation of medical students etc.

For more information about scholarship, please visit our article:

A permanent resident in Germany who can cover your expenses

If you have someone with permanent residency in Germany (inviting person) who can guarantee to support you financially for the duration of your studies, you will need to submit a statement of their income and document that includes the terms and conditions of your agreement, as the case may be, to the German Embassy.

As part of the execution of a commitment declaration, the financial standing of the inviting person will be checked and his signature will be certified. The commitment expresses the wish to cover all subsistence costs from accommodation to emergency cases like illness. Regarding creditworthiness, you must be financially capable of incurring the cost of necessities. Such amount relies on your marital status, maintenance obligations, and residence purposes. Prepare the following documents:

  • German ID-Card (Personalausweis) or passport
  • passport copy of the visa applicant person
  • certificate of marital status and current maintenance obligations, including life partners, spouses, or minor children
  • creditworthiness proof like the net income or employment contract for the last six months
  • the completed „addition of the statement of commitments“ (Zusatzerklärung zur Verpflichtungserklärung) form
  • registration certificate of the primary residence in the area and the landlord’s written occupancy confirmation

Depending on some instances, you may have to submit extra documents. Each applicant for a national visa is liable for a fee of €29.00.


A bank guarantee

In countries that have a high percentage of students attending German universities, students can borrow the required amount of money to earn the proof of their funds from many banks.

Depending on different banks that offer the loan, students may have to pay very low to no interest rate at all.

If you choose this as a proof of your financial resources, you have to make sure that the bank assures to take care of all your living and studying costs in Germany by submitting a bank guarantee document.

Cases that need additional proof

If a business guarantees to cover your financial obligations

The German Embassy will ask for further evidence in case a company in your home country provides your finances.

The further evidence can consist of a document as proof of authentication of the business, or a contract between you and the company to guarantee that they will fund your education in Germany. You are required to present the terms and conditions of the agreement to the German government if requested.

If money is allocated in your bank account

In case you allocate an amount of money in your bank account or some funds are transferred to your bank account, it is crucial that you provide information on the source of the funds to the relevant German institution.

For example, if your parents transfer the money to your account, you need to show the information of the sender. Or if you have been working to earn money, you have to prove that the money belongs to you by showing the employment contract and a copy of your bank deposits.

If you use a scholarship award as your proof

As we have mentioned above, if you use a scholarship award as proof of your financial means, you have to provide evidence to verify the authentication of the organization provider.

The time to file the financial proof to apply for a visa

It is important to note that the time of your university admission does not decide the time of your financial proof submission. The purpose of financial verification is to prove the German government that you have enough funds to support your study and daily life in German. So, it is best for you to focus on preparing and submitting your university applications on time before finding ways to prove your financial status. After you get accepted to a German University, the process of applying for a student visa and residence permit will start. That is when you begin the process of gathering documents related to your financial resources and adding them to your visa application paperwork.

When applying for visas, students need to obtain the consent of the competent German alien’s authority. This is expected to last several weeks, even up to months. Therefore, remember to read through all the information posted on the German mission’s website carefully. Only complete paperwork is accepted. It is the fastest way to process your visa application since the help desk of the German Foreign Office can’t do anything speedier. At the same time, they are unable to check your application status.

Once your request is processed, you will receive notifications right away.

For more information

If you are not living in Germany, please visit the German Embassy/General Consulate in your home country. If you are living in Germany, please visit the Foreigners' Registration Office (Ausländerbehörde) in your city.

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