From 01.06.2020, international students (non-EU) in #Germany can apply for a loan with 0% interest rate from the #KfW (Kreditanstalt für Wiederaufbau, State Development Bank). The program helps those who are facing financial hardship because of losing their part-time jobs during the #Corona #crisis.

Here is an overview of the #Corona-Hilfe:

📑 you are eligible:

  1. You are enrolled in public or state-recognized institutions in Germany

  2. You are doing: - a first or second degree with a bachelor's, diploma, master's or state examination (undergraduate degree) - an additional, supplementary, postgraduate or master's degree course (postgraduate course), - a doctorate

  3. You are between 18-44 years old

  4. Residence in Germany

💶 Loan: 1. Max 650€/month

  1. Interest rate = 0% (until 31.03.2021, after that you have to pay the regular interest rate)

  2. Application from 01.06.2020 to 15.02.2021, online via…/Studienkred…/Allgemeines

  3. First payout starts from 01.07.2020

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