Your leading partner in global education services.

EDUBAO offers a wide range of excellent services to grant young people access to world class Western education.


EDUBAO provides access to top ranked Western universities.


EDUBAO is proud to offer service quality at all touch points and for all services with deep market know how.


EDUBAO‘s leading services are based on a sophisticated, custom-designed IT platform driven by AI.


EDUBAO‘s business ethics are based on trust, support and transparency. We take pride in helping you to excel.

EDUBAO - A holistic service approach

Founded by a team in Germany, EDUBAO offers a wide range of service solutions for students who want to study in Europe. Located in Berlin and HCMC, EDUBAO combines the best of both worlds to achieve outstanding results.

  • "Made in Germany" and "Made for Asia"
  • Fully transparent, trustworthy and safe.
  • Access to top universities through the EDUBAO Service quality.

EDUBAO - the partner for your study abroad.

Step 1: Admission Evaluation
Step 2: University and Course Selection
Step 3: Application Preparation​
Step 4: Application and Visa​
Step 5: Arrival Programme​
Step 6: Student Partner Programme​

Your bright future with an international degree

Education is everything: the most sustainable investment of your life. EDUBAO‘s mission is to be your long term partner on that journey!

  • Unleash your full potential.
  • Gain access to the right Western universities.
  • Discover unparalleled opportunities in a globalized world.
  • Fullfil your best future.

I love studying overseas.

See for yourself what Asian students say about studying overseas.

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Interview - Nguyễn Thị Thúy Hương

Em tên Nguyễn Thị Thúy Hương, 23 tuổi, đang học...
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Interview - Nguyen Bich Ngoc

Nguyen Bich Ngoc is a master student at the University of Passau. Let’s hear about her stories studying in Germany.
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