Before going through all the detailed searching steps, you should familiarize yourself with the German words related to universities and study programs.

  1. Study program: Studienangebot or Studiengänge or Studienprogramme
  2. University: Universität/Hochschule
  3. Apply: bewerben
  4. Language course: Sprachkurs


One of the most prestigious and well-established database of German higher education institutions is from DAAD. DAAD stands for “Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst”, which means “German Academic Exchange Service“ in English. Established in 1925 in Heidelberg, DAAD has been contributing greatly to the academic exchange programs between Germany and all other countries around the world. So far, it has been one of the biggest organizations which support international students and scientists, who are interested in study and research at German academic institutions.

The following section is a step-by-step guide to use this DAAD database so that you can explore and compare your many study options.

Step 1: visit

The website above is from Germany, but DAAD is actually located worldwide. You can also visit the website in your home country for more specific information.

You will see 3 categories in this website:


Students, who want to apply for an English-taught study program, can go for the “international programmes”; Students, who want to take language courses and some other specific courses, can go for the website “Sprach- und Fachkurse”.

Since we concentrate on the study programs offered in German language in this article, we will go bit more detail into the category of “Alle Studiengänge in Deutschland”. Click on it!

Step 2: Fill in the form with the right items which fit your requirements.

If you want to know further information of different German higher education institutions, degrees, and application process, don’t forget to read other articles from EDUBAO!

Step 3: Click on the one that you want to know more about. You will then be forwarded to a website like this:

We use Bioengineering as the example for study program here.

You will see a general introduction of this study program: overview, admission and contact.

- In the “Overview”: There is basic information about the program such as instruction language, standard studies length, type of degree, etc.


- In the “Admission”: You will get to know about the admission requirements, admission mode and admission semester. There is always a link to the official website of this study program. EDUBAO highly suggest you visit the link and take a look at these categories again, so that you can be accurately informed and well-prepared for your upcoming study application.


- In the “Contact”: You will always find the contact information of the departments and offices which are responsible for managing international student affairs in the university. You will usually get the contact of international office at the university.


EDUBAO highly recommend you compare different study programs and universities with the help of this database. Also, remember to always have more than two universities as you backup options, if the application for your dream university doesn’t work out for some reasons. No matter what, EDUBAO always wishes you all the best during your university application. Fighting!