1. For Visa-Application a Travel Health Insurance with coverage of 30.000 € is suitable.
  2. After you are enrolled at the university as a full-time student, you can switch to a mandatory health insurance (public health insurance).
  3. No matriculation without proof of health insurance coverage
  4. Not everyone can switch to the mandatory health insurance
health insurance in Germany with different purposeshealth insurance in Germany with different purposes

What else is important to know:

  • There are many Incoming Insurance providers/Travel Insurance providers, who provide insurances for a cheap price. A suitable Incoming Insurance, which covers you well cost around 65 – 80 € per month. If it’s cheaper, you often have to pay on your own, if you got ill.

Based on that EDUBAO works closely together with German Universities, we also only recommend suitable insurances, which will cover you safely. If you have any questions, please contact us directly.

German health insurance

Health insurance in Germany is compulsory by law, and it is mandatory for everyone living in Germany, including international students, to be medically insured.

The German health insurance system consists of the public and the private providers. However, based on the courses and majors, the German government offers different kinds of health insurance for different types of students.

Famous German mandatory Health Insurance providers:

  • AOK
  • HKK
  • TK
  • DAK


Recognition of foreign health insurance in Germany

Exceptions to the compulsory insurance in the mandatory health insurance

There are certain groups of people that are exempted from compulsory insurance in the mandatory health insurance, including:

  • Scholarship holders, guest scholars, and postdoctoral researchers who have no employment contract
  • Participants of preparatory course (Studienkollegs) and German language courses
  • Students who have reached the age of 30

Note: Since 2020, students can remain insured via public health insurance even if their studies last for more than 14 semesters. The regulation which states that students in their 15th semester must be privately insured is no longer in effect.

These groups of people have no opportunity to insure themselves with mandatory health insurance. Because of the temporary residence permit, regularly they also have no access to private health insurance. The private insurance industry has developed special rates for these groups of students.

The travel health insurance as a special rate for foreign groups without legal insurance cover

The low-cost special fares for international groups without legal insurance cover include travel health insurance, which can be concluded for a period of up to five years. The travel health insurance covers for acute illnesses that require treatment by a doctor or hospital treatment. It also includes benefits for pregnancy and childbirth, with a regular waiting period of eight months. However, insurance does not apply to the treatment of existing illnesses, previous illnesses, and preventive examinations.

Based on that EDUBAO works closely together with German Universities, we also only recommend suitable insurances, which will cover you safely. If you have any questions, please contact us directly. Famous Incoming Insurance providers:

  • Hansemerkur
  • Vela Insure
  • Care Concept
  • Mawista


How to apply for your health insurance

In general, there are different ways to apply for an incoming insurance and for a statuory health insurance.

Travel Health Insurance

Almost all famous Travel Health Insurance providers have an easy-to-use Online Webportal to sign up and buy the Incoming insurance online. Some providers advertise their insurances with a low price, here it’s important to read the T&C in detail. Also, we recommend ordering at least a health insurance with a duration of 3 months, better 6 months. Sometimes it can take longer time in Germany to get the final confirmation for the mandatory health insurances.

Mandatory Health Insurance

Some public health insurance can be purchased online in advance, nevertheless it’s plenty time in Germany to apply for the mandatory health insurance. Also, the Universities provide guidance on site.

EDUBAO has also prepared another article about German health insurance system, come and check

out! But let us know if you still have some problems with this topic.