The first thing to do is to find out if your college entrance qualification is recognized in Germany. This can be done via the DAAD entrance qualification database. Just enter the country where your high school certificate is obtained.

You will then learn whether your certificate is

  • acknowledged as general university admission qualification
  • recognized for entry to subject-limited universities only (i.e. study in a restricted topic region)
  • recognized only in conjunction with one or two years of successful college research in your home nation
  • not recognized as a college admission qualification

If you originate from an EU nation or Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway, and Switzerland, your school-leaving certificate is accepted in that nation as well as in Germany. This also applies if you have been awarded an "Abitur" from one of 140 German schools overseas.

Talented applicants searching for creative topics may sometimes not have to apply for an official university entry diploma. You may need to send specimens of your work or take an aptitude exam depending on the university.

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Inquiry at your University

The DAAD entrance qualification database offers only a general overview. More particular information on other nations and certificates can be obtained from Anabin. This database involves data on how to evaluate foreign secondary school leaving certificates. You can indicate your country and certificate when you search the database on the Anabin website. It offers all appropriate data, e.g. whether your certificate will be recognized and whether additional conditions need to be fulfilled. However, the website is accessible only in German language. EDUBAO has prepared one article to ler you know how to check Anabin step-by-step:

Ultimately, it is up to the university itself to make the final admission choice. We, therefore, suggest that you inquire in advance the International Office at your chosen university whether you fulfill all the required preconditions.

If your school-leaving certificate is not adequate

If your high school-leaving certificate is not recognized in Germany, by finishing a foundation course (Studienkolleg) you can achieve entry qualification to the German university. To participate in a foundation course, you must first pass an entrance exam. A prerequisite is good German language abilities (B1 level of the European Language Reference Framework).

Preparatory colleges typically last two semesters and provide 28 to 32 instructive hours per week. If your grades are very nice, after just one semester you are permitted to take the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung). In this test that happens at the end of the foundation course, you will be evaluated on several topics that apply to your planned subject of study. A language test is one component of the examination.

The tuition fees for foundation courses are not chargeable by most universities. However, all registered learners have to pay the semester contribution. For more information about "Studienkolleg", please don´t hesitate to read


European Framework of Reference for languages

Language skill levels in Germany are based on those described in the Common European Language Reference Framework. There are three primary groups of levels:

  • Basic User (A),
  • Independent User (B) and
  • Proficient User (C). These are split into six subgroups ranging from absolute beginners (A1) to nearly indigenous speakers (C2).

For more information about GeR, you can check our article:

Aptitude Test

The TestAS (Test für Ausländische Studierende) is a helpful guide if you want to know whether you're generally able to meet the requirements of a German university. The test is a combination of language tests, expert inquiries about your subject and cognitive ability screening. The test results can assist to determine a subject. In any case, you can evaluate the success of your study.

You can enhance your likelihood of being admitted to a German university for research with excellent outcomes. Just find out if the TestAS is required by your university and what benefits it has for you. At the TestAS testing centers around the world, possibly also in your country, you can take the TestAS several times a year. The TestAS examination fee is 80 euros. Please visit the TestAS page for more data on test centers and model issues. Besides, EDUBAO has also an article for you to get informed of TestAS:

Refer to our other article on how to check the validity of your school-leaving certificate in Germany, using Anabin!