Because different cities have a different name of “Residence Registration Office”, EDUBAO has prepared a list of Residence Registration Offices in Germany. Take a look and find out if you can find your city there. For your address registration, one of the required documents must be an application form. In this article, we are going to help you fill in this form. But for more information about registration, you are also recommended to read

We take the “Anmeldungformular” from Berlin as an example here:

The red line segments mean you don’t have to fill in this blank.

EN 5305 - 1.png

As you see, there are two parts at the beginning of this form. On the left side, you need to fill in the information for your new apartment. And the right side is the information for the previous one. Here are the English translations of the items in the form:

  1. Die Neue Wohnung ist … - The new apartment is …
  2. AlleinigeWohnung - the only apartment
  3. Hauptwohnung - your main apartment
  4. Nebenwohnung - one of your other apartments
  5. Die Disherige Wohnung (im Inland) war … - The previous flat (domestically) was …
  6. Tag des Einzugs - Date of moving in
  7. Tag des Auszugs - Date of moving out
  8. Postleitzahl, Gemeinde/Kreis/Land - postcode, city, and country
  9. Straße, Hausnummer, Zusätze - Street, number, and additional information
  10. Wird die bisherige Wohnung beibehalten? - Will you keep your last apartment registered?
  11. Haben die unten aufgeführten Personen noch weitere Wohnungen in Deutschland? - Do the people below have other apartments?

For the students, who just arrive in Germany, you don’t need to fill in the blanks on the right side because your last address in other countries is not relevant in Germany. Also, if you only rent one apartment in Germany, then this apartment will be your “Hauptwohnung”.

EN 5305 - 2.png

Your personal information:

  • Vornamen: First name
  • Geburtsname: Birth name
  • Geschlecht: Sex
  • Tag, Ort, Land der Geburt: Date, place, and country of birth
  • Religionsgesellschaft: Religion
  • Staatsangehörigkeit: Nationality
  • Ordens- Künstlername: Religious stage name

EN 5305 - 3.png

This part looks quite similar to the last one. It is for your family members. If you come to Germany with your wife or husband and you live in the same apartment, then you can register together. Here is the German translation for the new words:

  • Familienstand: marital status
  • Single: ledig
  • Married: verheiratet
  • Angaben zur Eheschließung/Lebenspartnerschaft (Datum, Ort, Land AZ): Information about marriage / civil partnership (date, place, and country)

EN 5305 - 4.png

You don't have to fill in this part, the official will do. But don’t forget to sign your name and date at last.

We hope this article will help you understand how to complete the address registration form in Germany. Don’t forget to check more articles EDUBAO has provided! They will come in handy when you come to Germany.