Most of the lessons are free and online so it is of great flexibility for you to study wherever and whenever you like. Here we listed several popular websites for you to improve your German skills online:

  • Alumniportal Deutschland
  • Deutsche Welle - German Radio
  • Deutsch-Uni Online - German Language Platform
  • Goethe-Institut - German Language Center
  • Deutsch-Lernen - German Language Platform
  • Schubert Verlag - German Online exercises

Alumniportal Deutschland


Alumni portal offers free training sessions in the German language. However, with no prior knowledge of German, the courses are not suitable for absolute beginners.


Deutsche Welle - German Radio


Deutsche Welle supports self-learning by offering a platform where you can access on-the-go grammar and vocabulary lessons. A wide range of courses from A1 to C level is available in the form of pdf, videos, audios, and news. You can read the pdf, watch the videos, and discuss the lessons with other fellow learners and experts. Most interestingly, you can study by reading or listening to German news, which will help you understand the language in a more practical context.


Deutsch-Uni Online - German Language Plattform

EDUBAO_Deutsch-uni online.png

Deutsch-Uni Online (DUO) is a web portal for you to start your German learning journey from scratch (complete beginner) to mastery level (C2). You can either choose to take a course with or without a tutor. For a tutor-free course, you can receive automatic correction on your work but no personal feedback on your writing and speaking. These kinds of courses are cost-effective and self-paced, which means you are free to start the course as you like. For the second option, you will receive personal feedback on your writing and speaking in addition to automatic correction. Your tutor will moderate the online classroom activities, and you two will need to agree on when to have a chat to discuss the lessons. Remember to check DUO's schedule in advance as tutor-included courses have a fixed start date. Another interesting learning format is Lernen mit Tutor intensiv (ECTS), which is also learning with a tutor, but more intensive and under specialized guidance. You will need to do additional tasks to be qualified for a certificate with ECTS credits.


Goethe-Institut - German Language Center


The Goethe Institute webpage provides you with plenty of learning materials to help you upgrade your German skills. There, you can study by playing games, doing quizzes, watching videos, or listening to audios. The topics cover conversational German in various settings, ranging from German for social professions, German for Science and Technology, etc. to German in the workplace. You can take German courses, both online and offline. The Goethe Institute is present worldwide, so you can go to Goethe Institute in your country to check out the courses and take the exams.


Schubert Verlag - German Online exercises

This is another website to study German online. You have free access to all the online exercises on the webpage or you can use their Wort+Satz (Word+Phrase) app, available on both iOS and Android-based devices, to expand your vocabulary. The website also links you to some online German dictionaries, which currently have English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Russian, and Turkish languages. In case you have any technical problems regarding the use of the web/app, check their Fragen und Antworten (Q&A) section where they explain how to play a video or open a worksheet pdf. These guides will definitely come in handy.


Deutsch-Lernen - German Language Platform


You can go to Deutsch-Lernen to take German lessons at the most basic to a more advanced level. The website also gives you very helpful spelling tips, which make it less confusing for you to learn German. At the bottom of the page, you can find a Jokes and Quotes section. It is how you can learn German and have a good laugh at the same time. Learning about jokes is one good way to learn about German culture, which will, in turn, help you learn the language better!


Ready to Kickstart?

The above are some learning sources where you can receive online lessons at little to no cost. We hope you can find a German course that fits you and make a lot of progress on your learning journey. And remember, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact EDUBAO. We’re always here to help!