Uni-assist has offered a new portal for students to apply to their desired German university. Here is what you will see on the homepage of the new portal: 32022.png

There are several points which you should notice:

  1. Since October 23, 2019, you should submit/upload all your application documents on the new online portal.
  2. In case you did submit your applications before October 23, 2019, you still can log in through the new portal. Just enter your applicant number, all your old data will be transferred to your new account.
  3. The old portal is still available, but people can only apply to the universities via the new one. If you already have a uni-assist account, you can still see your uploaded documents from your old applications. After clicking on some categories on the left, you will be directed to the new portal as in the following screenshot: 3202_30.PNG

Log in

After logging in, you will be asked to fill in your basic personal information. 3202_32.png

Unfortunately, you cannot log in with your old uni-assist account. But don't worry, your account is still useful as it's possible to transfer the data from your old account to the new one.

Enter your old applicant number in the blank space above and you will find all your documents and old applications again.

You will be asked to to provide the BID and BAN numbers, which are provided by hochschulstart.de. 3202_34.png

hochschulstart.de is a special application process for students who want to apply for a local “NC” (Numerus Clausus) in a German university. They will need to log in onto hochschulstart.de in order to get their BID and BAN as shown above. For further information about all the application processes through uni-assist, you can read our other article.

Search study offer

Next, you will be directed to the Course Catalogue page. 3202_35.png

Here’s an explanation of the webpage:

  • A: You can enter your search criteria here like your dream course, semester and university.
  • B: Homepage.
  • C: Here you can manage your login information, application information, and educational history.
  • D: Here you can find all the applications that you have already submitted. You can also access and manage all your uploaded documents for other applications there.
  • E: It is like a “shopping basket” for your uni-assist account. It’s called the “selection list“. You will find there all your desired universities and how much you need to pay for all of your applications.

Before submitting your documents

Your applications will be then edited after you pay the fees. So what you need to do first of all is to pay for the applications you want to submit in the "selection first".

But there are two important points you need to pay attention to before submitting your documents. Please make sure that:

  • You have filled all the basic information accurately, especially your educational history;
  • You uploaded all the required documents which are listed on the universities’ webpages.

You may also need to answer several questions from the universities before any submission.

Paying the fees

Depending on the majors and requirements of the universities, you may see different payment requests but in general, they look like this: 3202_36.png

There are three payment methods: 3202_37.png

After paying the fees, you will receive an email from uni-assist to confirm/notify you of your payment status. The next step is to send all the required documents via Post to the uni-assist office in Berlin. Here is the address: Geneststaße 5 10829 Berlin

We hope that by the end of this article, you can familiarize yourself with the new portal from uni-assist. If you still have questions about applying via uni-assist, don’t hesitate to contact us! We wish you all the best with this new portal!