Hochschulberechtigung(university entrance qualification)


The first and foremost question you should ask is whether you can fulfill the requirements that apply to your study fields. The websites like Anabin or DAAD Database can help you check if you can study in Germany.

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Aptitude test

Designated for the international students who want to study in Germany, TestAS offers a chance to evaluate their cognitive and learning abilities. The test consists of 2 parts: the core test and the subject-specific test modules. You can find out more about the TestAS in general and APS Screening for Chinese, Mongolian and Vietnamese students in our blog articles.

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Studienkolleg - Preparatory colleges


For the students who cannot fulfill the “Hochschulberechtigung”, they must spend 1-2 semesters at a “Studienkolleg” before starting their study in Germany. Studienkolleg is a preparatory college where you will take German lessons and subject-specific courses. Find out more information about “Studienkolleg” in our other article:

German skills


If you want to study in German, knowledge of German language is a prerequisite for a successful application. However, if you plan to enroll in an international degree program, you don't need to speak German. But which level should you reach and which certificates need to be submitted? Take a quick look at the article on German skills to see how good you should be to study in Germany.

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Students who come from China, Vietnam and Mongolia must get an APS certificate before applying for a German student visa.

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You need a German student visa before flying to Germany. This is one of the most important steps. Sign up for an EDUBAO account to receive notifications on upcoming articles about how to apply for a German student visa!

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Proof of financial resources


You have to demonstrate that you have enough financial resources to sustain yourself during your study. In most instances, candidates (who submit visa application from 1 September 2019) must demonstrate that they have around EUR 10,236 at their disposal over a one-year period. Stay tuned for an upcoming article on 5 methods to prove that you are financially secured during your stay in Germany.

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Health insurance


Health insurance is one of the requirements for your visa application. When you enroll in university and apply for a residence permit, you will need to show your evidence of health insurance. Our upcoming article on Student Health Insurance in Germany will help you figure out what kind of insurance you are qualified for and when to purchase one.

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